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Royal Enfield C5 Classic 500cc

Sportique would like you to join them in welcoming to their new classic line-up, the Royal Enfield line of motorcycles.


"With a few exceptions like electronic fuel injection, (contributing to its claimed 85 mpg), electric start, and updated emissions control to meet modern standards, the Bullet C5 still clearly maintains its styling integrity from their earliest 1950s motorcycles."
-Louis Lenard, 03/20/2010
Royal Enfield C5 Classic EFI | First Ride



Royal Enfield is now proud to present the all-new Bullet Classic C5: a modern reworking of the old legend, taking its styling cues from the simplicity of our earliest 1950’s machines and combining that celebrated design and heritage with all the advantages of today’s EFI technology.

Unique Features


All-new, fully-integrated unit construction engine
Beautiful vintage styling based on our earliest post-war models
Body-colored frame
Single-saddle seat with springs
Incredible 85 mpg fuel economy*
Built to meet Euro III and other modern emissions standards

* Estimated average, based on initial mileage reports

Additional Info

  • Displacement: 500cc
  • Curb Weight: Curb Weight
  • Tires Front: Tires Front
  • Tires Rear: Tires Rear
  • Brakes Front: Brakes Front
  • Brakes Rear: Brakes Rear
  • Chasis: Chasis
  • Front Suspension: Front Suspension
  • Rear Suspension: Rear Suspension
  • Fuel Delivery: Fuel Delivery
  • Fuel Milage: Fuel Milage
  • Fuel Capacity: Fuel Capacity
  • Gearbox: Gearbox
  • Engine Start: Engine Start
  • Seat Height: Seat Height
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