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Sportique now carries Lance and SYM machines!

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Our reputation as "where scooters come from" is known far and wide - both by scooterists and by the distributors who rely on quality dealers to get their products out there. Alliance Powersports has been interested in working with Sportique for several years and, after vetting their products and chatting with other dealers like Pride of Cleveland Scooters and SF Moto in San Francisco, we have finally taken the plunge. We couldn't be more pleased.

We're perhaps most excited to now offer the SYM Wolf Classic 150cc motorcycle. It's absolutely perfect for the urban environment and great for tearing up the streets of Denver. It's zippy and nible and reliable and snappy looking, too. The Wolf retails for just $3,000.


Also from SYM we now offer the HD200 scooter. This is one incredible machine. We sold HD200s in the past from a different distributor and we're very happy to have them in our selection once again. The HD is incredible fast and quick thanks to its four-valve head and unique ceramic cylinder bore.


SYM is a Taiwanese manufacturer with a great reputation for quality. They provide the engines for the Lance 50cc scooters we now offer, the Havana Classic 50cc and Soho 50cc four-cycles. These are the fastest four-stroke 50cc scooters we have ridden. They're great. Seriously - if you test ride a Havana or a Soho there's almost no chance you choose a European 50cc 4-stroke. The Lance models are not only smoother and faster than Italian or Japanese alternatives - they're was less expensive. You can take home TWO Lance scooters for the price of ONE Vespa 50.


Our new partnership with Alliance Powersports allows us to offer great products at a great new price point that is slighly lower than Kymco and Genuine products. Still, Lance scooters come with the same warranty as their pricier competitors.

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