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Chinese scooter service discontinued Featured

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Due to the heavy volume in our service department we are forced to suspend all repairs and maintenance for Chinese built scooters for the summer months. Beginning June 1, 2016, we will not perform work on these machines until October 31.

Trust us, we hate saying "no" but the reasons we must are many-fold. Firstly, our primary obligation is to customers who spent the extra money to purchase higher grade scooters from our dealerships. Secondly, we find that during the busy months we are unable to provide a level of customer service that we are comfortable with as it pertains to Chinese scooters. We simply cannot provide assurances as to reliability of these poorly made machines. As a result we see negative online reviews and receive phone calls from customers whose expectations are not in line with with what can realistically achieved. Chinese scooters break - and then they break again - and then they break some more. That's the simple reality and that's why they are cheap. Shoddy materials are used in their manufacture. The rubbers and plastics are cheap. The metals are cheap. The engines are cheap, the wiring harnesses are cheap. These machines tend to clog up our shop and as such we need to avoid servicing them during peak season.



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